Who doesn’t love a book sale?

Railing detail, Flinders Street station

Today the city was full of people. A protest march against the Work Choices legislation saw as many as 25,000 people walking through the CBD and bringing city traffic to a standstill, and a concert celebrating Saturday’s AFL grand final meant that Fed Square was packed like a tin of sardines (mostly by young Australian Idol groupies). Fortunately, we had caught the train in, rather than driving, as parking would have been impossible to find.

Our mission (Meg’s and mine) – to get the the City Library for their book sale – was almost thwarted by the crowd. Sweeping us along in their wake, it was almost impossible to break free at Flinder’s Lane. 

The book sale was worth braving the crowds – 28 books (at $1 each) found their way home with us.  Maybe it’s trivial of me to be thinking about a book sale when thousands of people are fighting for our rights at work, but I’ve never been a ‘joiner’.  I’ll vote with my feet at the election – when they eventually tell us when it is going to be!

Lunch was steamed beef dumplings and red bean-paste buns at Camy Shanghai Dumpling and Noodle restaurant, in Tattersall’s Lane, just off Little Bourke Street.  If you don’t know Camy yet, and are ever in the Melbourne CBD near Chinatown, you should really give it a try.  And don’t be fooled by the prices into ordering extra – their dishes are generous as well as really tasty, and you will end up with more food than you can eat!

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