Have to tell you a story…


About a month ago I was lucky enough to be part of something really fantastic. Before I tell you what it was, I have to give you a bit of background or it won’t really make sense. I play in the Melbourne Ukulele Kollective’s Ukulele Big Band. Daggy, I know, but fantastic fun and life is far too serious not to have fun when you can. 

About six weeks earlier we had been contacted by a young man who wanted to book us for a gig.  That gig took place on a Wednesday night – rehearsal night – and involved the band playing while he proposed to his girlfriend. 

With twenty or so ukes playing “From little things, big things grow”, this young man got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend if she would marry him.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to play and sing when you can’t stop your eyes from leaking?  I know I’m a softy, but it was seriously one of the sweetest things I’d ever seen. 

Long live romance! (I was too busy to take a pic on the night, but the next day I saw these tulips and they seemed like a fitting tribute.)

The corollary to this story is, I believe, that they won a holiday to Hawaii in a radio station competition, because of the fantastic proposal!  And what better place than Hawaii for a honeymoon when the proposal was accompanied by ukuleles?!


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