Stationery fix


Today was one of those messy days, spent running around getting Michael’s computer fixed after the hard drive decided to die last night. 

Our local computer warehouse was really helpful, and managed to retrieve all of the data, but three trips back and forth – while trying to paint the woodwork in the hall – meant that I didn’t get an awful lot of painting done.

Thank heavens for my mum, who had come down to help.  If not for her, the painting would have been inconsequential. 

A trip to our friendly neighbourhood office supply shop this afternoon helped to restore a bit of equilibrium. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for stationery.  I blame it on Christmas!  Years of getting Christmas stockings stuffed with all of the supplies needed for the following year at school, mean that a trip to the stationers fills me with glee.  

No wonder Meg has a passion for it, too.

Meg replenished  her supplies and – as you can see from the photo – has had fun organising and colour-coordinating her connector pens and other supplies.

While I’m generally very happy with the image quality from the camera on my new phone, this particular picture was very flat and lacked vibrance.  I’m still learning to use it – hopefully I can sort it out so that the pictures are more accurate in their colour rendition!  In the meantime, I beefed up the contrast for fun, as it made the image so much more graphic. 


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