Fish filters

Fish filters

Okay, I’ll admit that this image isn’t straight out of my phone… In fact, this was taken three weeks ago with my old phone, and was a bit dodgy. So, I had a little fun in Photoshop, using a filter to add texture, and changing it from colour to black & white, so that it looked a little like it had been drawn with charcoal.

 Here’s the original:

Fishy original

 I personally think that the ‘filtered’ version is preferable, although I do like the colour in the original.

Of course, not everyone has access to photo editing software like Photoshop, but if you do, you can have a lot of fun making simple changes for dramatic effect.

My favourite thing to do in Photoshop is restoring old images to their former glory.

Here is an example with a before and after shot:



 This is a portrait of a dear friend’s mother.  It could still stand a little colour balancing, as it has a cast, but is acceptable as it is, particularly as I have no way of knowing for sure if her dress was white or cream.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist, with applying the occasional filter about the wildest thing I do in Photoshop at the moment.  I am working hard to break myself of this habit, to give me flexibility to develop new skills, but it is a slow process as I get so caught up in doing restorations that I forget to do anything different.

It gives me such a charge to see photos brought back to their original state, and to see the faces of the people whose pictures I have repaired, that I feel like I’ve been given a gift.

I’ll share more of my Photoshop work with you in the coming days and weeks, but in the meantime, go to if you’d like to see some of the photos I’ve taken with my other camera (a Canon 10D).


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