Rats and chocolate cake.


This sculpture sits beside the path that leads up to the hill that is one of the focal points of All Nations Park in Northcote. It is striking in size and materials, drawing the eyes of those who visit, and reflecting the park back at them .

Although I don’t know any details about who commissioned or made this work, the plaque on its face indicates that it is a memorial for fallen servicemen, and it seemed an appropriate sculpture to be featuring as Remembrance Day approaches. This was one of the photographs I took yesterday on the epic walk to, and around, the park.

Today being Melbourne Cup Day, and with neither of us interested in the horse racing, Meg and I went to see the movie, Ratatouille.

I dislike rats intensely – that is, I dislike the non-cartoon variety of rats, having had problems with mice in the house over a number of years, and a big, fat rat that lived in our shed for about four years and seemed to eat baits like they were lollies! But – this film! It didn’t just make me feel more kindly-disposed towards rats, but also made both Meg and I want to rush home to cook and create recipes to share.

In the spirit of sharing, I have a recipe of my own that I’d like to share. Around home it is known as the ‘chocolate cake to die for’. Based on a fabulous recipe of Donna Hay’s that I once found on the Channel 9 Today Show’s website, it has a rich, fudge-like texture, but less than half the fat. Not that it is low in fat, mind you, but it is better than a lot of others you might come across. If you’d like to try it, you’ll find the recipe here


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