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Rats and chocolate cake.


This sculpture sits beside the path that leads up to the hill that is one of the focal points of All Nations Park in Northcote. It is striking in size and materials, drawing the eyes of those who visit, and reflecting the park back at them .

Although I don’t know any details about who commissioned or made this work, the plaque on its face indicates that it is a memorial for fallen servicemen, and it seemed an appropriate sculpture to be featuring as Remembrance Day approaches. This was one of the photographs I took yesterday on the epic walk to, and around, the park.

Today being Melbourne Cup Day, and with neither of us interested in the horse racing, Meg and I went to see the movie, Ratatouille.

I dislike rats intensely – that is, I dislike the non-cartoon variety of rats, having had problems with mice in the house over a number of years, and a big, fat rat that lived in our shed for about four years and seemed to eat baits like they were lollies! But – this film! It didn’t just make me feel more kindly-disposed towards rats, but also made both Meg and I want to rush home to cook and create recipes to share.

In the spirit of sharing, I have a recipe of my own that I’d like to share. Around home it is known as the ‘chocolate cake to die for’. Based on a fabulous recipe of Donna Hay’s that I once found on the Channel 9 Today Show’s website, it has a rich, fudge-like texture, but less than half the fat. Not that it is low in fat, mind you, but it is better than a lot of others you might come across. If you’d like to try it, you’ll find the recipe here

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What the…?

Pants tree

Meg and I walked to All Nations Park in Northcote this morning, taking advantage of the pseudo long-weekend afforded by Melbourne Cup Day tomorrow, and came across this tree. I almost felt like we should excavate to see if the rest of the tree man was buried below ground!

It was a beautiful morning for a walk – sunny and fine, and with enough cloud to make the sky really interesting. We took the dogs with us – it is the longest walk Cher has had since hurting her knee in August, and she is a bit sore now, but they really enjoyed it.

We even came across a duck nesting at the edge of the lake. At least, we assumed she was nesting, although we could only see  her head protruding from the rushes. She didn’t move from her spot, and was none too happy about having the dogs nearby, so it seems a safe bet. Meg and I plan to go back every day or so for the next couple of weeks in the hope of seeing the ducklings.

The afternoon was spent playing the ukulele and Christmas shopping online. Fifteen down – only about forty to go!

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City architecture

City scape

I love walking around the city and try to steal a few minutes for just that, every Friday when I’m in there for classes.

When I think I might get time to have a serious look around, I take my camera bag with me, and spend my time photographing the buildings.

I literally had about three minutes to spare last Friday, and yet again was glad to have my phone camera with me. In this case, I particularly liked the contrast of the old buildings  on the right with the much newer one at left. The leafy canopy above provided a nice frame.

Although I would have framed this differently if I’d had a zoom lens, I like the challenge of composing shots with limited controls and a fixed focal length. It takes me back to the basics and really makes me think about how I frame a shot, before I take it. Mind you, I wouldn’t give up my other camera for anything!

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One down, one to go…

Birrarung Marr

Pretty much finished my editing class today, meaning that there is only one assignment left in my other subject and I am done for the year. Then the preparations for Christmas will really kick into gear, and I’ll get some more time to spend on my photography.

Personalised calendars are on the list of gifts, again, for this year. My aunties and uncles all loved them when I did them a couple of years ago, because I included all of the family’s special dates, like birthdays and anniversaries. Now I just have to update the dates and change the photos, and I’m done.

Next year, I’m planning to put all of the Blogday images onto the calendar – with all of the images posted in a month on the one page.  It will be a good record of the project, and nice to see all of the images together. Had better make sure that I keep them diverse and interesting!

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Life cycle

life cycle

I’ve no idea what the person who wrote this was trying to say, but the fact that they went to the trouble of writing it on the sign, cracked me up.

Its been an interesting week.  On the plus side, NanoWrimo started today and I had an idea and got my first 1649 words written; on the negative side, my dad has been diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. We’re not anticipating anything, just waiting to see what happens, but it’s pretty horrible none the less. I think it is particularly hard for Meg, who adores him, not to worry, but we’ll just make sure that we see him often – daily, if we can – and give him lots of hugs. Mum, too, of course.

In the meantime, there will be lots of love, laughter, singing, photography and good food – all the things that make life worth living.

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