The city at night

city skyline from the mcg footbridge

We were lucky enough to be given tickets to see the Choir of Hard Knocks on Saturday night at Vodafone Arena. The concert – which was very enjoyable – finished much later than expected, so that when we were leaving our crowd mingled with that from the My Chemical Romance concert at Rod Laver Arena, making for an interesting and fun walk across the bridge to the MCG.

I find it really frustrating to be out anywhere without my camera – especially when the views are as spectacular as those of the city were. The beauty and limitations of mobile phone cameras were demonstrated to me again, in that I was able to get some pictures of the city skyline, and the footbridge between the MCG and Vodafone/Rod Laver arenas, etc., but wasn’t really able to exercise any control over exposure, other than by turning the flash off.


It has been a really interesting exercise going back to using what amounts to a basic point-and-shoot camera, after many years of using SLRs. It really pares down the process to the key elements of subject and composition, and has made me really think about what I’m doing as I’m taking a picture. And, while the images are not of sufficient quality (in terms of file size) to be enlarged much beyond a 10 x 15cm print, I’ve been really happy with some of them. I hope you’re enjoying the process, too.

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