Wattle baby

Wattle baby

On Saturday, a friend had his birthday party at the Belgian Beer Garden on St Kilda Rd, just past Commercial Rd. It was a beautiful day, and everyone gathered in the grounds of the RVIB, under the shade of the big old trees that fill that part of the garden.

In the midst of the conversation, a Red Wattlebird swooped down from the trees and landed on Meg’s head. I shooed it away, as it was obviously trying to get what she was eating and was getting tangled in her hair – only to have it come straight back and try again.

It turned out to be a baby – just out of the nest and not yet fully feathered, but inquisitive and incredibly trusting. The photo above shows it drinking the condensation from the outside of a beer glass, in the middle of all the people.

I was lucky enough to have it sit on my hand and look at my glass of water inquiringly, and when I held it out, it used its amazingly long tongue to have a really good drink! I’m only sorry I was too busy holding it, to get a photo…


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  1. The outside of a beer glass is far too close to its contents for my liking.

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