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Summer evening

Meg on Frankston beach

A few days after Christmas, we spent a couple of very pleasant hours at Frankston beach. It was a quiet part of the beach, accessed from a gate in Michael’s aunty’s back fence, and the evening was still and calm after another 40deg day.

Meg had a lovely time wading in and out of the water and the sunset was pretty spectacular, as it often is over water.

As usual, I was fiddling with my phone trying to see if I could get reasonable shots in the fading light. As you will see, some of them were a little noisy, but the overall result was not too bad for a camera with very few variables!

sunset at Frankston

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A dog’s life


What can I add to the title, other than to tell you that this is Maggie – my uncle’s dog. My mum often dog-sits for him, and when she does, Maggie makes herself at home.  Oh to be a dog…

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In no particular order…

Say Cheese  

In Union Lane, just off the Bourke Street Mall, an amazing array of graffiti art colours every surface.


Graffiti 1

I’ve put a couple of examples here, in no particular order.  The artists and the organisers of the project should be very proud of the result (City of Melbourne? -I must get back and check it out…).  It is an amazing sight, although I must have walked past it dozens of times without noticing before. Obviously I’ve been too focused on my destination, and haven’t been looking around enough.

 sleeping man

This painting of a man sleeping on a bench was my favourite – it was so believable. The milk crate in front lent it depth, but the painting itself is incredible.


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The annual migration

The Giant Koala

Family interstate means that at least once each year we migrate west from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Can’t tell you how many times we’ve done this drive over the years – I did try to work it out, and think it is in the order of 60, but who knows for sure…

The Giant Koala at Dadswell’s Bridge is so lame it never gets tired. We always look out for it as an indicator of how long we have to go until breakfast, which is usually in Horsham at a prominent fast food place located conveniently next to the park.

These trips have made us creatures of habit, but recognisable landmarks and  scheduled stops break them into manageable chunks and seem to help them pass more quickly.

On that front, iPods are invaluable. Carrying your entire music collection, plus a few videos in  a package about the size of a deck of cards still amazes me, and having two means that one can be playing music for Michael and I, while Meg watches Black Books and cacks herself stupid in the back seat!

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Abject apology


I’ve been so caught up in the Christmas fun that I’ve neglected my responsibility here, and I can only apologise… I’ve been madly taking photos, which I will upload over the next week or so, to make up for the posts I’ve missed.

Happy New Year – I hope 2008 is a good one for all!

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