Darebin Community and Kite Festival

red kite

As promised, here are some photos of the Kite Festival held last weekend (March 2nd). Some of these were taken with my phone, and some were taken with my DSLR, and while each camera has its own strengths and weaknesses, the lack of a zoom on my phone camera meant that all but the largest kites looked like specks against the blue.

 Ajak Kwai and bandBy the time I got there it was late afternoon, and Ajak Kwai (http://www.ajakkwai.com/ ) was performing on the Bell main stage. Ajak commented on the heat, which had been building all day and was making many people and dogs look a little frazzled. She, on the other hand, was revelling in it. Having moved to Tasmania 11 years ago from the Sudan, she said that she has missed the heat terribly.

Hot dog

Unlike the weekend just gone, though, the heat wasn’t excessive, and there were many families out enjoying the perfect kite-flying weather. WOMAD, on the other hand, – held last weekend in Adelaide – sweltered through a record-breaking heatwave. Clouds of dust stirred by passing crowds apparently coated everything and turned to mud on perspiring skin and on anyone entering the mist tent.

Pink kite There weren’t many large kites in the later part of the day, but lots of smaller ones were up and flying in amongst the few big ones there were.

street performerStreet performers were also part of the entertainment for the day, and this particular one had a large crowd fascinated. He was performing tricks with three batons/rods, and had them moving so quickly that at one stage I wondered of they were actually connected to each other. He proved that they weren’t by tossing them in the air and then catching them and going on to the next trick, but I really wouldn’t have been surprised if they had been.

I had a great time walking around taking pictures – I’m only sorry that there were two  events competing for our attention on the same day!


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