Birthday treats

Mecca Bah, Docklands

With Michael’s birthday last Tuesday, and him busy at an evening class (learning Blues Harmonica), we decided to celebrate yesterday (Good Friday) by going to Docklands for lunch.

It’s hard to imagine how – after the heatwave that has just finished – we could want to be inside to be warm and out of the wind, but it was so chilly and gusty down by the water, that that was exactly what we wanted. Fortunately, Mecca Bah – the restaurant of choice – was open and able to accommodate us. They seated us by the window overlooking the harbour, and proceeded to woo us with their Middle Eastern inspired menu and decor.

The food was very good, with the Spicy Lamb and Pinenut Boureks a favourite, but the real highlight of the day was our waiter. His memory was phenomenal and his attention to detail, exemplary, making the meal a real treat. It is nice to see that really good service is still around; I’m only sorry I didn’t ask his name so that I could give him a better plug, here.

Mecca Bah #2

The other reason for choosing Docklands for the celebration, was to look at some of the sculptures that have been installed along the waterfront as part of the Contempora Sculpture Award & Festival of Public Arts.

As with any art, the appeal of sculpture is subjective. I only saw a couple of pieces that I liked, one of which is shown below, but regardless of whether they were to my personal taste or not, they did add a bit of interest to the boardwalk that is NewQuay Promenade.

Sculpture #1      #2

Docklands itself was a let-down. It is a while since I’ve been down there, and there has been massive development in that time, but it seems a soulless place overall. The proliferation of high-rise apartment buildings and the dearth of greenery made it seem cold and sterile, and definitely not somewhere I would like to spend a lot of time. Still – restaurants like the Mecca Bah, and the service they provide, will ensure that we pop past occasionally.



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2 responses to “Birthday treats

  1. dgesfootytalk

    Yeah Karen – I agree about Docklands being soulless. When they first developed the area I thought it had the potential to be a place in Melbourne similar to Sydney’s Darling Harbour, with plenty of shopping, bars, life and activities.
    My family and I often ride our bikes along the bike track to Docklands. When we get there, it is usually cold and draughty because the sky rise apartments and buildings have been built on the Northern side, blocking the sun. Docklands is in desperate need of a busker or some sort of atmosphere. We find the only thing to do there for a family is to by an ice cream from the ice cream stall. (That guy must be making a mint). There are plenty of restaurants there but maybe some shopping or a sports bar would be good. There always seems to be people wandering aimlessly, looking for something to do.
    Hopefully it will improve in the future.
    Keep up the good work on BLOGDAY.
    Cheers Col Gray

  2. Karen

    Hi Col,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that thinks the hype about Docklands is just that – hype.
    I was even disappointed on the photography front, as I found little of interest to photograph, other than the opposing geometric shapes of the high-rise apartment blocks.
    I saw the ice-cream shop you mentioned, and despite the fact that it was about 12deg in the wind, it was still doing a roaring business! I guess if it is pretty much the only thing to do in a place, it will flourish no matter what the weather…

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