Docklands #1          Docklands #2

Following on from my earlier post about our sojourn to Docklands last week, I thought I’d share a couple of other photos and thoughts. The pictures above, taken from Docklands, show the Bolte Bridge on the City Link Toll Road (it connects the north of the city with the west and the east, via the Burnley tunnel – still my favourite change to Melbourne’s roads in my lifetime…

Customs Boat     One very interesting sight as we walked along the waterfront, was a Customs Boat tied up at the wharf on NewQuay Promenade. It was a really imposing sight, even though no guns were on show. It looked serious and made the other boats – even the couple of luxury cruisers at rest – look frivolous and light-weight. 

Docklands #3         The architecture down at Docklands is, in many cases, another study in frivolity. I’m not talking about construction here, so much as the ‘arty’ shapes and geometric lines that predominate. It all looks as though it will date very quickly, and appears to be under-populated at the moment, which could be a problem in terms of the infrastructure on offer to those residents who are there.

Docklands #4       NewQuay Promenade itself has the feel of a midway gone wrong. There was even a circus tent, and a giant jumping-contraption that wasn’t still in the two and a half hours we were in the restaurant. Apart from a giant television screen, that was all there was to it, though, so it looked like a poor cousin  of one of the fairs my Dad grew up with, in Great Yarmouth (in England) when he was just a boy.


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