State Library

Latrobe Reading Room, SLV #2 

Having worked at the Museum when it shared a home with the State Library of Victoria, I am interested in the changes that have been wrought to the State Library, and like to look around at the renovations that have been done.

Latrobe Reading Room Dome, SLV 

One room I hadn’t seen since it had been restored, was the La Trobe Reading Room and the famous Dome, pictured here.

Looking straigt up at the Dome, Latrobe Reading Room, SLV 

This room, which houses the Library’s Australiana collection, is one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture in the city. I found it captivating, and couldn’t help but lean back in one of the original wooden swivel chairs to just look at the interior of the dome.

La Trobe Reading Room, SLV #4 

I was actually in the Library  on this occasion for the exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts in the Keith Murdoch Gallery.

Sitting at this computer and typing, knowing that I can publish a post and make it available instantaneously to pretty much the entire world, puts into perspective the incredible work that went into hand-writing and illuminating books before the invention of the printing press, and how exclusive the groups must have been who had access to them. 

What an incredible thing it is that such fine examples of 14th and 15th century manuscripts still exist, and that we have some of them here in Australia. The exhibition is on until June 15th for those who are interested.



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  1. Great photos, Karen.
    I love that place – would love to spend some time their regularly, working on something, rather than just paying a visit every now and then.
    Maybe when I win Tattslotto and get a chance to write that great Australian novel.

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