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Wednesday’s notes.

What a day!

It began with cleaning the house, moved onto meeting with a friend from choir to discuss our respective work schedules (a new plan, suggested by the lovely Ingrid, to assist us both – as lone workers – to keep ourselves on track), then saw me in town watching Meg sing at Federation Square (with VoxRox – the Kew High School vocal ensemble) in celebration of the World Harmony Run.


After the event at Fed. Square had finished, Meg and I wandered up to RetroStar to check out their amazing range of vintage clothes, something we’ve been meaning to do for ages. I was particularly interested in the cowboy boots, as they are just the thing for our choir, Lipstick & Spurs, but was gobsmacked by the number and assortment of items on sale. Having seen what they sell, I just wish I had access to my grandmother’s wardrobe!  Her astrakan coat and crimpelene slacks would have gone down a treat!

 When we left Retrostar, we headed up Swanston Street in pursuit of lunch. As we were walking down the street, admiring the art of a man named Barry, we received the best news… Very dear friends of ours have just told us that they are expecting a baby.

These guys didn’t meet until late (in biological terms), so the odds were stacked against them, making this baby especially precious. I can’t imagine two more wonderful people to bring a new little person into the world. They will be wonderful parents, and it will be a very lucky child to have them. Can’t wait to break out all the baby patterns now, so that I can start sewing!

 Getting back to Barry (above), whose wonderful chalk paintings we were admiring when we received the exciting news. He was reproducing the work of Caravaggio in the most meticulous detail. The talent you see everyday on the streets of Melbourne staggers me sometimes.

I could bang on all day, but I won’t bore you. Wherever you are, I hope your Wednesday was a good one, too.

Oh, there is one last thing. Here, as promised, is the flyer from Lush outlining their anti-packaging philosophy (relating back to my last post).

It makes good sense to me.



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Things you don’t expect to see at lunchtime…

Imagine my surprise when, walking down Swanston Street yesterday just after noon, I saw a crowd gathered outside my favourite beauty products shop Lush. The crowd itself wasn’t surprising, but what had drawn them there, was…

 An anti-packaging protest with a twist

A bevy of beauties dressed only in aprons – some of whom are shown above sandwiching a very amused tourist – were promoting Lush’s campaign to reduce packaging on beauty products, by removing the packaging from themselves!

They were a great bunch of girls/women – all having a laugh and a bit of fun for something they believe in. There were a lot of stunned faces in the lunchtime crowd when people realised what was going on, but a lot of flyers were taken, too, so maybe the point was made.

(Maybe it’s the mum in me, but I’ll admit that I was pleased to see two police officers watching over them, to make sure no one got out of line with the girls, but there wasn’t even a hint of that while I was there…)

I’ll scan the flyer and post it here over the next couple of days.

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Slow Monday

I can’t believe that, after having been so busy last week with BAS paperwork and other book-keeping tasks and with medical appointments, I am sitting here today wondering what I should do… The obvious answer – post to Blogday, of course.

The weekend just gone started with my parents coming over for tea on Friday night, as it was my Dad’s birthday. Without doubt, too much food was consumed, but it was all so good! The menu included wild olives from the Grampians in west Victoria; Marisa’s sopressate; Grandfather salami; bocconcini; Blue Castello; brie; aged Tasty; dried tomatoes and figs – and all this was just the entree!

School in the afternoon had been fun, as usual, and was crowned by an opportunity to photograph a fabulous piece of graffiti art in Westgarth, just next to the station. You can see a number of photos of ‘Snail-tale’ in the gallery. I love the main characters in this piece – they have such expression in their faces that they make me smile every time I see them.

Saturday was market-shopping day with the requisite early start to beat the crowds to the Queen Victoria Market. The 5.30 start is always worthwhile – in the fifteen years that my mum and I have been going, we’ve made some good friends among the sellers, and going early means that we have a chance to talk to them as well as get our produce before it has been completely picked over by other shoppers.

The other advantage of the early start at the is that we generally get to see the balloons going over the city from the crowd at Balloon Sunrise. This week there were seven of them.

I don’t know what it is about hot-air balloons, but I just love them. Luckily, where we live is on one of the main flight paths, so I often see balloons five days out of seven, but I just never tire of them. Some of the photos above show the balloons going over the city. They unfortunately have been reduced to big specks by the extreme wide-angle of the phone camera lens, but you can still see them.

We did have to adjust our routine a bit though, seeing as I have been told to lift nothing heavier than a phone book (yes, my  limit has gone from two kilos to about 3kg!). Dad came with us to push the trolley and help load/unload the car and I just had to walk along twiddling my thumbs!

This problem with my neck is taking some adjusting to. I’ve realised that I am a poor judge of what things weigh and am still inadvertently carrying too much weight when I do the shopping or even just work around the house. Oh well, nothing has happened yet, so hopefully it won’t ever.

Sunday was to be for market shopping of a different sort, with the artisan’s market at the Abbotsford convent. It was very disappointing, though, in the range and number of artist’s displaying or selling their wares, and we came away empty handed.

A trip to Victoria Street in Richmond soon made us feel better, though, as we happened upon a fantastic Vietnamese/Chinese restaurant doing Yum Cha, and with one empty table in an otherwise very crowded room. The food was great, the atmosphere buzzing, and the prices very reasonable. What more can a diner ask for?

So – there ends the diary of the weekend past – with lots of photos to make up in part for the fact that it has been a week since I last posted (again). Cheers.


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