Things you don’t expect to see at lunchtime…

Imagine my surprise when, walking down Swanston Street yesterday just after noon, I saw a crowd gathered outside my favourite beauty products shop Lush. The crowd itself wasn’t surprising, but what had drawn them there, was…

 An anti-packaging protest with a twist

A bevy of beauties dressed only in aprons – some of whom are shown above sandwiching a very amused tourist – were promoting Lush’s campaign to reduce packaging on beauty products, by removing the packaging from themselves!

They were a great bunch of girls/women – all having a laugh and a bit of fun for something they believe in. There were a lot of stunned faces in the lunchtime crowd when people realised what was going on, but a lot of flyers were taken, too, so maybe the point was made.

(Maybe it’s the mum in me, but I’ll admit that I was pleased to see two police officers watching over them, to make sure no one got out of line with the girls, but there wasn’t even a hint of that while I was there…)

I’ll scan the flyer and post it here over the next couple of days.


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One response to “Things you don’t expect to see at lunchtime…

  1. reenee90

    Hello Karen. I’m one of the girls that was there in the nude. Thanks for your positivity. Hopefully we managed to get the message across to a few people.

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