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Street art and stationery

Words almost seem superfluous today, with all of these wonderful colours, so I’ll keep it brief.

Above, more street art, this time off Centre Place in the CBD. This amazing cat has unfortunately been covered in tags, posters and second and third layers of graffiti, but the talent of the artist is still evident.

In town again to drop off my last assignment for the term, I discovered that I’d left my wallet at home. Seeing I had two hours to kill before meeting Meg, and no money for shopping, I started wandering instead.

Half an hour in a prominent craft shop looking at books was followed by a trip to another equally prominent newsagent to look at magazines. A trip along Elizabeth Street saw me finally visiting Outre Gallery (I love the art of Shag – particularly Glorious Lifestyle), and then into another shop I’ve meant to visit for ages – Bookbinders Design.

The photos below are from there. This shop specialises in beautifully crafted journals, notebooks, photo albums and the like. If you’re like me and have a thing for stationery, you’d find this shop irresistible too. Just as well I’d forgotten my wallet…

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Michael Buble in concert

My brother, overseas for work, was unable to get back in time to go to the Michael Buble concert at Rod Laver Arena on Thursday night, so I went in his place. All I can say is WOW!

Actually, I’ve got a lot more to say than that. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

I have one of his cd’s, which I love, but didn’t know much about the man, so I did a bit of research on the net before I went. I watched his most recent Rove interview,  and read a review and watched another interview here, which gave me a good feel for what we ended up seeing. There is quite an extensive entry on Wikipedia, too.

It must be said, first of all, that Michael Buble is a fabulous showman. He includes his audience in the show; his singing is every bit as good live,as it is on his albums, and he is hugely funny. Cracking jokes at his own expense, a couple of times in a very bad Australian accent, he had us laughing so much that I am still hoarse.

Some members of the 13,000 strong audience were a bit of a worry, but no more than you’d expect, given his appeal. Regardless of the number, shape, size or age of the women throwing himself at him, he still threw himself into the crowd and hugged, kissed and accepted flowers from fans.

Before MB came on stage, a seven-piece acapella group called Naturally 7 came on to warm-up the crowd. They were amazing, doing everything from vocal gymnastics to an incredible version of Amazing Grace. You can hear some of their material on YouTube.

I must apologise for the quality of the photos – my phone camera simply was not able to handle the contrast. Stupidly, I didn’t think to take any other camera with me, though I might have if I’d realised before we got to the arena, that we were going to be sitting in the dead-centre, five rows from the stage! I’ve included them to give you a feel of the atmosphere, even if the highlights are completely blown.




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Images and reflections

Walking through town on Sunday, from Queen Street, down to Melbourne Central, these were some of the sights…

This building (above) looks boring at first glance, then if you look closer, you can see all sorts of distorted reflections in the windows, with each one showing something different.

 The multiple panes of glass produced unexpected reflections…

A shop with an odd combination of shoes, in between university campuses and office buildings. One of those that you would have to stumble across to even know it existed.

The back of a car park sign, covered in various layers of stickers and tags, but interspersed with stencil art, makes this side far more interesting than the ‘business’ side.

As for this shirt – look closely and you’ll probably do the same double-take we did. I mean, please – where would you wear it? It’s a sexual harassment claim all on its own.

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The lovely Shirley Davis

In the centre of Melbourne, on the 15th floor of an ordinary office building, lies a hidden treasure – the Blue Diamond Club.

The views from the club are extraordinary, as you can see…


The sights and sounds inside the club on a Sunday night are pretty amazing, too, when you get a band like Grand Wazoo performing. In the intimate space formed by the glass-walled penthouse club, the effect can be like having the band play just for you.

I was excited to hear them perform – enjoyed dancing to them more than a little – and was blown away by the vocals of Shirley Davis, shown centre stage at the microphone, in these (poor and grainy) pictures.


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Random things

The ceiling near the cinemas

Here are a few random images I’ve taken over the last week or so. This first image is of the ceiling at Northland Shopping centre, in the open space at the foot of the escalators that lead up to the cinemas: an unexpectedly creative ceiling and one that is easy to miss. I mean, how often do you stand around at the shopping centre, gazing at the ceiling?!

This second image has appeared recently on the wall of an old garage in Fairfield, at the northern end of the shopping strip. I like the fact that whoever painted it, used a rectangular hole in the wall (made by a missing brick,  perhaps?) as the mouth.

Another fun bit of graffiti - this time in Fairfield.

This morning when I walked past, someone had put a stick in it, so that it looked like it was eating.

My next image is another one of the shot tower at Melbourne Central.

In black and white you can really concentrate on the strong lines and contrasts. This was taken coming up the escalator from the station.


Finally, a detail shot of the carved paving at Federation Square. When the light hits it at an angle you can see all the carving in great detail, providing yet another focal point to consider. The more time I spend there, the more I discover and the more I like.

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