The lovely Shirley Davis

In the centre of Melbourne, on the 15th floor of an ordinary office building, lies a hidden treasure – the Blue Diamond Club.

The views from the club are extraordinary, as you can see…


The sights and sounds inside the club on a Sunday night are pretty amazing, too, when you get a band like Grand Wazoo performing. In the intimate space formed by the glass-walled penthouse club, the effect can be like having the band play just for you.

I was excited to hear them perform – enjoyed dancing to them more than a little – and was blown away by the vocals of Shirley Davis, shown centre stage at the microphone, in these (poor and grainy) pictures.


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2 responses to “The lovely Shirley Davis

  1. Looks like a great venue, Karen.

  2. dgesfootytalk

    Karen – I wonder if that is the same ‘Grand Wazoo Band’ we used to find at ‘Billboard’ in Russell St, Melbourne 25 years ago.
    They were known then as ‘The Grand Wazoo Band of 1000 Dances’
    Pretty darn good too.

    Keep up the great pic’s.

    Cheers Col.

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