Images and reflections

Walking through town on Sunday, from Queen Street, down to Melbourne Central, these were some of the sights…

This building (above) looks boring at first glance, then if you look closer, you can see all sorts of distorted reflections in the windows, with each one showing something different.

 The multiple panes of glass produced unexpected reflections…

A shop with an odd combination of shoes, in between university campuses and office buildings. One of those that you would have to stumble across to even know it existed.

The back of a car park sign, covered in various layers of stickers and tags, but interspersed with stencil art, makes this side far more interesting than the ‘business’ side.

As for this shirt – look closely and you’ll probably do the same double-take we did. I mean, please – where would you wear it? It’s a sexual harassment claim all on its own.

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  1. Gotta get me one of them there shirts.



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