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No one ever goes in, and no one ever comes out…

A close-up detail of a metal filigree gate, with empty land behind it and two sheds in the distance.
A filigree gate stands sentry on the almost-empty block

Around the corner from my house is an almost empty block of land, with locked filigree metal gates and a brick fence to prevent entry. I say ‘almost’ empty, because there are a couple of sheds at the rear of the property, one of which looks like it would have been the original garage.

Over the years, I’ve passed there at all times of the day and night, and there appeared to be someone living in one of the sheds. There would be lights on in the right-hand building, or you would catch a glimpse of someone moving behind the shade cloth screen that has been erected in front of it, and then … nothing. Until the chains and locks appeared on the gates, that is.

I’ve seen no sign of life since.

It makes me think of the chocolate factory, in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, but I doubt, somehow, that the locked gate hides odd little orange people making chocolate and lollies, and singing rhyming moralistic songs to hapless visitors…

Funny what tangents your mind can take you on when you see a locked gate…

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A bright spot in the gloom

A single spot of colour in the dusk
A single spot of colour in the dusk
A very brief post tonight – I just couldn’t pass up the sight of this lone daisy through the fence as the dogs and I were walking. 
We went out just as night began to fall, and the daisy’s colour made it stand out in sharp contrast to the background, while the fence made a perfect frame.
Back tomorrow with a stack of pictures – see you then.

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Playing catch-up

Here I am playing catch-up again, with photos from a couple of days to post…
The first is a picture of the electrical sub-station just near my house. I thought it looked interesting with the sun behind it the other morning when I was out with the dogs, but it looks even more striking in B&W – becoming really graphic with the buildings silhouetted against the sky, and the clouds providing texture.

Drama in B&W - electricity substation silhouetted against the sky

I’m back into my routine now that school holidays are over, so there are bound to be lots more images of the city in coming weeks, but I’ll try to vary my walks during the breaks to keep them interesting!

I’ve picked up a new class this term – Writing for the Web – and it is really enjoyable.  Not only am I learning lots of interesting and useful things, but I get to keep a blog as part of my assessment! How cool is that?!

Graffiti in the DeGraves St underpass

Graffiti in the Degraves St underpass

One of the old telephone boxes in the underpass

One of the old telephone boxes in the underpass

On the Friday just gone, in an unfortunately vain attempt to obtain the new issue of the fabulous Mixtape, I ventured down to Sticky, in the Degraves St Underpass (the one that runs under Flinders Street from the station to Degraves Street).

I love the underpass – especially the pink tiles lining it, and the disused phone booths built into the walls. There are some really quirky shops, and a series of ever-changing, and often amazing, exhibitions held in the windows that line each side (I think I’ve mentioned these before) The current one is no exception. I can’t say I understand it, but it was arresting, to say the least. My favourite piece was Mr Happy (below).
First window in the current exhibition

First window in the current exhibition

Mr Happy as a weapon?

Mr Happy as a weapon?

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