Should I stay or should I go?

Pink & White cymbidium orchid

Although it bears no relation to the text, I couldn't let such a serious post go out without something to lighten the mood!This is what greeted me when I went out into the garden last Sunday morning...

 Dear Readers,

I have a dilemma, and I need your help to resolve it.

Blogday is almost one, and I don’t know whether I should keep it going beyond the anniversary.

When I started this project, it was intended as exactly that – a project, with a finite time-frame and a specific purpose. Although it hasn’t quite worked as I intended, I’ve come to enjoy posting. The question is, do you enjoy reading it and looking at my photos?

An open egg carton showing eggs with drawn faces.

And this is what greeted me when I came inside to make breakfast!

In the eleven months and one week since I started, I have learnt some interesting things:

  • I am incapable of posting images and not giving them their context, so every post ends up being at least 200 words long.
    This probably shouldn’t have been a surprise, considering writing is what I do, but I intended for this to be a photo blog primarily, and haven’t just been able to let the images speak for themselves.
  • I enjoy having a phone camera in my pocket, and taking photos for the blog has made me more aware of my surroundings, but I miss my ‘real’ camera, and that has been sorely neglected over the last year.
  • Street art amazes and fascinates me. I’ve developed a real affection for it while looking around for Blogday.
  • I focus on the positive things I see, and really don’t look for the negatives.
Fully open egg carton showing 8 eggs with drawn faces.

Meg had obviously been playing with a permanent marker!

It must be said, too, that although I didn’t do this for feedback, I crave it. I long to know that I am not talking to myself, and that I’m not boring those who have stopped by, but comments have been very few and far between (except for the lovely Bruce and Col, of course).

So – help me out, please. Tell me – should I stay or should I go? Is Blogday worth your while as a reader, or shall I spend my time concentrating on my craft blog, Whatsername & Thingummbob, and let this project die with dignity?



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3 responses to “Should I stay or should I go?

  1. My two cents worth:
    1. Stay!
    2. Don’t constrain yourself to photos taken with your phone; if it’s more appropriate to photograph a subject using your super duper camera, then use that.
    3. I like the preambles you write to give context to your photos, but given the comment in your post about being incapable of not giving context, (which I don’t believe), why not try a different approach from time to time – a one-sentence intro; a title only.
    4. Sites like problogger can give you hints on how to encourage/generate more traffic and comments to your blog.

  2. PS – Maybe consider appending categories and tags to your posts, as these are picked up by search engines and will lead to > traffic.

    Good luck

  3. Karen

    Well, that was pretty stupid of me, wasn’t it?!
    Thanks for the wonderful support, as always, Bruce.
    P.S. Will post a recording of the Rusty Springs in the next week, I hope…

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