Burrs and dogs’ feet

A quick post, just to show you what happened this morning when I decided to take the dogs to a different park for their walk…


A trip around the lake to look at the ducks, who had just been fed with scraps of bread by another walker…


A walk to the hill past lots of Willy Wagtails, Noisy Miners, Rainbow lorikeets and some unidentified swallow, and a never-before-seen (by me) sculpture…


Then back to the car and home, at which point I checked the dogs’ feet for burrs and grass seeds, and this is what I found…


I stopped counting at 80! Oh well, it was a lovely walk…


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2 responses to “Burrs and dogs’ feet

  1. Alex Nellissen

    These burrs, above the ‘I stopped counting at *)!..’ notation. What is the name of the plant they come from? I have seen them starting at my house, don’t know what to look for when it is green.

    Thank you,


  2. Karen

    No idea what they are called, sorry. I don’t even know which grass they come from – they just seem to magically appear in the grass!
    Sorry it took me so long to reply; I have been away from my blogs forever.

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