Dog Groomers: my dilemma

What is it about dog groomers, that so few of them seem to like dogs?

I’ve just left my darlings, and my parents’ ones, too – four beautiful black poodles – at the groomer’s salon, and feel like I’ve abandoned them.

Two clipped poodles sitting on a couch

Bo and Cher after a clip

Now I’m not just being melodramatic here… The people doing them today were recommended by the breeder. They’ve clipped them once before and they looked quite nice when we picked them up, but when we were there today, one of my parent’s dogs was nearly hung when she got excited and the table she was on toppled over, leaving her momentarily hanging by the neck from the lead-tether. She was okay, if frightened, so we left them. I can’t believe we did. If it happened to Cher, with her already poor health, it could kill her.

A couple of years ago, after putting up with inferior clips; groomers who don’t seem to have any affinity for dogs at all, and anxious dogs, we had finally found a fantastic – I mean, really FANTASTIC – groomer. She was fast; her pricing was fair; she loved the dogs and they loved her,  and they always came home happy, relaxed and magnificent. Then, towards the end of last year, she left town without a word to her clients, and we’ve been struggling to find a decent groomer to replace her, ever since. I really hope she is okay, but I wish she would come back here and be okay.

Four poodles with bows in their ears, wait for a treat.

The four dogs line up for a treat after being clipped

Dad and I talked about it outside and were really torn. We didn’t want to say too much in case the dogs were mistreated deliberately, instead of just the victims of a stupid accident, but they all desperately needed a haircut and we didn’t have an alternative to go to.  It shouldn’t have swayed us, but it did. I hope we don’t regret it. 

Now I’m sitting here agonising over whether or not they are going to be alright, and feeling like a huge jerk. I’m also looking into groomers to see if I can find another good one that I can afford to go to. Does anyone have any suggestions in the Northcote/Fairfield area?



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2 responses to “Dog Groomers: my dilemma

  1. Debbie Lustig

    Hi Karen
    I wasn’t going to post a comment but this seems the place to say: a woman with your practical and artistic gifts ought to work out how to groom a miniature poodle in two seconds flat!
    Actually, I’m writing after your kind words last class (sorry, don’t have contact details). I’ve been sending opinion pieces to The Age since August 2007, so mine is not a great strike rate (but worth doing, anyway).
    Congratulations on two wonderful blogs.

  2. Karen

    Hi Debbie – thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’ve tried clipping the dogs and they ended up looking like they’d been done with a knife and fork. And if they aren’t perfect for me, or look a bit stressed, they know they’ll get a cuddle, which makes it a VERY long process!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, and for stopping by the blogs.

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