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Mark Oates and the Daniel Brunner Pretty Big Band


Don’t quite know what happened, but a post I wrote earlier about my brother-in-law’s gig in the Adelaide Fringe Festival seems to have disappeared… This is him – Mark Oates.

The show was fantastic! They performed two sets of swing music including some standards and some lesser known pieces. I know that I’m biased – seeing as I love my brother-in-law very much – but by the way the audience responded, everybody agreed that it was a terrific show. So much talent on one small stage – it was awesome.


So now, very belatedly, I’d like to share some images of the show with you.

The very talented Daniel Brunner is on piano (above). I apologise to the other members of the band for not having their names – will attempt to rectify that shortly.

img_0407 img_0439 img_0445


*Edit* The lovely Daniel Brunner was kind enough to supply the names of the band members. Apologies for not having posted them sooner.

They are: 

Trumpet: Eric Santucci
Trombone: Nick Pietsch
Alto Sax: Andrew Crago
Tenor Sax: Evan Bassani
Bari Sax: Nat Ahrens
Guitar: Sam Leske
Bass: Anna Butters
Drums: Holly Thomas

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An Amazon Lily and a soapbox

Lily pond, Adelaide Botanic GardensAdelaide Botanic Garden’s Amazon Lily

When we visited Adelaide last month, we were almost lucky enough to see the giant Amazon Lily in flower in the new purpose-built pavilion in Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I say almost, because we saw some buds and a spent lily, but didn’t actually get to see a flower fully open.

According to the Botanic Gardens’ website, the first flower that opened this year in the new lily pond, did so on January 1 and measured 30cm across! I didn’t check, but the larger leaves looked to be more than a metre across (the largest is 1.65m, apparently!), and had wicked spikes on their edges, a hint of which you may be able to see in the photo, above.

The building on its own was quite amazing, being largely built out of glass and with what looked like lily-pads on poles supporting the roof.

Now for the Soapbox part…

Terry Lane, who has an article in The Age Green-Guide every Thursday (Imaging, in the Livewire section) has a blog – DPExpert – which has reviews, information and advice on digital photography.  One article,  regarding the use of phone cameras and the lack of prints being made from them, was printed in the Age in January and really struck a chord.

The technology has changed so much in the last couple of years, and the quality of the images from phone cameras has improved so greatly, that there really is no excuse for not having them printed. That, after all, is one of the basic tenets of this blog – that we have a greater chance to be social historians than we’ve ever had before – but if the pictures aren’t printed, they could very easily be lost forever.

A 2mp camera on a phone can easily produce a 10x15cm image (standard-sized print), and there are many places that can print them for you at reasonable prices. My favourite places for printing are: GetDigital.com.au, (they do great quality standard-sized prints from 10c each), and MOO, (who make really great minicards, notecards, stickers and postcards) at very reasonable prices. Both companies provide excellent service, as well. And, No, I don’t work for either of them!

So, whatever is holding you back – whether it is mastering the technology, forgetfulness or simply that you hadn’t thought to do it – don’t let the precious memories you carry around in your phones be lost – get them printed!

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Art, not vandalism

More union lane graffiti

When family members from Adelaide visit us here in Melbourne, they often comment on the amount of graffiti around the city. Apparently Adelaide doesn’t have much, though I must say, I’ve never noticed its absence.

Their comments have caused me to look more carefully when I’m out and about, and I’ve got to say that there is graffiti, and then there is graffiti art.

Union Lane, which I’ve spoken about before, has some fabulous artworks, in as many styles as there were artists. I’ve put an example above, and another here:

 Union lane #2I must distinguish here between tagging and more intricate graffiti.  I’m not a big fan of tagging – it seems pointless and destructive – but tags are a far cry from the glorious, multicoloured creations seen all over Melbourne.  To me, lumping these works in with tags, under the heading of graffiti, is wrong on many levels.

As with any art, what appeals to the viewer of a piece of graffiti art is subjective, and very much reflects personal tastes. Regardless of whether or not a piece appeals to me, though, the skills displayed  by these artists, astound me. I am absolutely amazed by the intricacy of the designs that graffiti artists can produce with spray cans.

The photo below is of a building in Collingwood, around the corner from where I used to work. I don’t remember when this particular artwork first appeared, but I do know that I find it very hard to drive or walk past without stopping to look.

 31012008001-copy.jpgThis type of art isn’t to everyone’s taste, but all I can say is that I would take Melbourne’s ‘graffiti’ over another city’s pristine sterility, any day.


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