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The End of Singing Season

Well, ‘Singing Season’  is officially over for me for this year.

Unfortunately for all those who had put in an enormous effort, the City of Darebin’s ‘Carols in All Nations’ was washed out, so I only got to do two of the three big gigs we were working on on.

I must say, though, that it came as a perverse relief not to have to go anywhere yesterday.  After the effort and long hours associated with the preparation and performances for the two events I did get to, it was lovely to just stop. I even had a ‘nana nap’ yesterday afternoon, and feel much better for it!


The photos I’ve included are from the rehearsal and sound check at BMW Edge, prior to the first public performance of the Women’s Anthem. This was written by Kavisha Mazella, in consultation with Mary Crooks of the Victorian Women’s Trust, to celebrate the centenary of women getting  the vote in Victoria. I wrote more about this here.


The day before the performance, the ABC TVshow Stateline featured a six minute piece about the anthem. This can be seen here, until March 2009. (For those of you who know me, you’ll see me three or four times throughout the clip – don’t quite know how I managed it with more than 300 other women there…)

This really was an amazing thing to be part of – I’m still on a high whenever I think about it!  You can get an idea of how big the choir was from the  pictures – we almost out-numbered the audience! And, we did two performances (each time singing the anthem twice) to different audiences, and got standing ovations each time.


So – the singing is done for the year – now to the Christmas cooking! The first batch of cakes and puddings have been made, and now I’m off to do the second lot.

Enjoy your day!

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Burrs and dogs’ feet

A quick post, just to show you what happened this morning when I decided to take the dogs to a different park for their walk…


A trip around the lake to look at the ducks, who had just been fed with scraps of bread by another walker…


A walk to the hill past lots of Willy Wagtails, Noisy Miners, Rainbow lorikeets and some unidentified swallow, and a never-before-seen (by me) sculpture…


Then back to the car and home, at which point I checked the dogs’ feet for burrs and grass seeds, and this is what I found…


I stopped counting at 80! Oh well, it was a lovely walk…


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The joy of reclaimed land

After dropping Meg at the railway station last Friday for the last day of school before the holidays, I decided to go straight up to Northcote to do the shopping. When I got there, I realised that I was too early for the particular shops I wanted, so I took advantage of the extra time and went for a walk around All Nations Park – something I haven’t done for months, despite loving it every time I do.

Having started out as a landfill (for non-putrescible waste), All Nations Park has become a focal point for the local community over the past six years since it opened. I admire the foresight of the people whose houses abut the park, as much as I admire those who made it, though for different reasons. When it was a tip, it was a dust bowl, and now it is green and leafy and beautiful. Wouldn’t mind having it outside my front door…

I’ll save you the pictures of ducks, today, and instead show you the very groovy toilet block (albeit one of those scary talking ones). I love that even a humble toilet block can be turned into something attractive. Got to love architects (which I do, by the way, as I am married to one).

Groovy toilet block

Talking toilet block

After wandering around the lake and watching the ducks (and the toilet block), I came across a sign, the back of which had been painted so that the eyes looked out at you from over the reeds and other plants.

Peek a boo

I don’t know anything about this particular piece of art – like whether or not it is a ‘sanctioned’ work, or has just been done by someone for the fun of it – but either way, I love it.

When I got to the top of the park, on the bluestone hill that was created as a focal point, I thought I’d try out the panorama function on my phone camera. The results are patchy – especially the view to the East, where the rising sun really caused the camera some grief – but it was fun to try, and was such a clear morning that it was just nice being out for a walk.

The view to the East

The view to the West

The view to the West

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All Nations Park #3


Another picture from All Nations Park, this time of a Little Pied Cormorant sitting atop the wall that forms one margin of the stage, and overlooks the lake.

The sky provided an interesting backdrop, as you can see, and my phone camera did a pretty good job considering I was shooting into the sun. As is often the case with photographs, if I’d been two seconds later the image wouldn’t have existed, as the cormorant regurgitated a pile of something unrecognisable at the base of the wall and flew off to the other side of the lake, just after I had taken this.

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