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Ducks in suburbia


Driving Meg to school one morning last week, we were thrilled to see three ducks wander across the side street in which we park, to forage in the dirt of a building site.

I don’t know what type of ducks they were – they were brown and speckled and cute, and completely unfazed by us – but what variety, and whether they were wild or domesticated, I couldn’t say.

I know it is a little un-pc, but we hastily pulled a piece of bread from Meg’s sandwich and the ducks happily took it from her. It was a lovely way to start the day, with an unexpected sight and the chance to get up close. Their comfort around people makes me think that they were probably pets. Either that, or they are so used to being fed by well-meaning passers-by that they are completely accustomed to the company of humans.


On the previous Sunday, a trip into town to see the VCE Top Arts exhibition at the NGV in Federation Square, provided its own excitement.

We made a point of going because we know one of the exhibitors – Andrew Fanning, the brother of one of Meg’s friends. Andrew was selected to exhibit two of his pieces: a self portrait and (in Top Designs at the Museum) an intricate chess set.

It is amazing to see the talent of the top year 12 art students in the state, and the calibre of their work, but not a stretch to see whose names will be appearing around the art world before long.


On leaving the NGV we wandered across to catch the City Circle tram and I was struck, as I always am, by the intricacy of the Forum Theatre building. The cross-hatching on the building’s facade makes me think of Moorish architecture – apparently with cause. According to the website Walking Melbourne, it is one of the few examples of this style in the city.

Built in 1928, the building was formerly known as the State Theatre.

I love it, though the angle I was on has given it a little bit of a lean in the photograph. Not one I can fix, either, without sacrificing the straightness of something else, like the traffic light!

My last photograph of the day was unplanned, but I quite like the result. Let me know what you think…


I like it for the strong diagonals, and the lone cigarette butt sitting on the right hand vertical third.

By the way, we were getting on to the tram to go up to China Town for yum cha, and due to queues at our restaurant of choice we ended up at another, less crowded establishment. Should I state the obvious, that it was less crowded for a reason…? If I say that it was the Chinese restaurant version of Fawlty Towers, would that tell you everything you need to know?

Next time we’ll wait, or at least go on recommendation. Oh well, live and learn.

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