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Wednesday’s notes.

What a day!

It began with cleaning the house, moved onto meeting with a friend from choir to discuss our respective work schedules (a new plan, suggested by the lovely Ingrid, to assist us both – as lone workers – to keep ourselves on track), then saw me in town watching Meg sing at Federation Square (with VoxRox – the Kew High School vocal ensemble) in celebration of the World Harmony Run.


After the event at Fed. Square had finished, Meg and I wandered up to RetroStar to check out their amazing range of vintage clothes, something we’ve been meaning to do for ages. I was particularly interested in the cowboy boots, as they are just the thing for our choir, Lipstick & Spurs, but was gobsmacked by the number and assortment of items on sale. Having seen what they sell, I just wish I had access to my grandmother’s wardrobe!  Her astrakan coat and crimpelene slacks would have gone down a treat!

 When we left Retrostar, we headed up Swanston Street in pursuit of lunch. As we were walking down the street, admiring the art of a man named Barry, we received the best news… Very dear friends of ours have just told us that they are expecting a baby.

These guys didn’t meet until late (in biological terms), so the odds were stacked against them, making this baby especially precious. I can’t imagine two more wonderful people to bring a new little person into the world. They will be wonderful parents, and it will be a very lucky child to have them. Can’t wait to break out all the baby patterns now, so that I can start sewing!

 Getting back to Barry (above), whose wonderful chalk paintings we were admiring when we received the exciting news. He was reproducing the work of Caravaggio in the most meticulous detail. The talent you see everyday on the streets of Melbourne staggers me sometimes.

I could bang on all day, but I won’t bore you. Wherever you are, I hope your Wednesday was a good one, too.

Oh, there is one last thing. Here, as promised, is the flyer from Lush outlining their anti-packaging philosophy (relating back to my last post).

It makes good sense to me.



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