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Counting my blessings

City Square Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree, located in the City Square in the heart of Melbourne, is spectacularly tall. I wasn’t able to photograph anyone beside it, to give a sense of the scale, but, as usual, the City of Melbourne has really gone to town (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Apparently there is a lighting ceremony every night from Nov. 10th (last Saturday) to December 24th, with the lights having been sponsored by a prominent light-globe manufacturer. If you want more details about this, you can find it here.

You’ll know from earlier posts how much I enjoy the Christmas season, so it will be no surprise that I stood gawking at the tree for quite a few minutes yesterday. When I got home, one of yesterday’s batch of Christmas cakes was sacrificed so that we could be sure that they had turned out as hoped. The verdict? The whole thing disappeared in about two minutes flat, and was very nice with ice-cream (though not quite as good as the pudding will be on Christmas day)! I should have known that a CWA recipe would be foolproof!

Meg came home from camp, yesterday – she was only gone one night but the house was too quiet without her. She and I collected Dad from hospital this morning, stitched and a bit sore, but in good spirits. All of us are optimistic and sharing a laugh, and most of all, we are together – all reasons that I am counting my blessings…

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