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The heart of the city

Fed Square

I think Fridays, during term time at least, are my favourite days. There is always time between classes to wander over to Federation Square and join in the fun. Yesterday, that involved a unitard-wearing comedian/juggler pulling hapless german and dutch tourists out of the crowd to join in his act. 

Although, like a lot of other people, I was initially skeptical about the design of Fed Square, I’ve come to love it. It seems to have succeeded in a way that the old City Square never did, in becoming the true ‘heart’ of the city. Concerts, displays, protests, celebrations – everything happens there. It has given Melbournians a place to gather and be part of a community, no matter what their interests.

Perhaps it is the combination of public meeting space with galleries, restaurants, shops and the information centre that works so well? The City Square was certainly never as well-appointed, and – by virtue of where it was – didn’t have the space that Federation Square does. Whatever it is, I’m glad that the skeptics like me weren’t the decision makers, as I think the city would have been a much poorer place without it.

Flags at Fed Sq

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