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A cold start to the day

 This morning, when I went to drive Meg to the station so she could go to school, this is the sight that greeted us:

 Now, I imagine if you live in an area where snow is common, this would seem tame, but in Melbourne (8km from the CBD) this has become unusual over the past couple of years. The drought has meant that there hasn’t been much water around, and it simply hasn’t been getting cold enough to completely ice the car more than once or twice a year.

I love Winter, and I’ve missed it – the milder weather is barely cold enough to make your ears pink, let alone make your nose run!

 When I got back from the station, the furniture in the back yard was steaming as the sun rose high enough over the houses to start to warm it.

Speaking of the back yard, we’ve decided to do away with the last of the grass, and put more fruit trees and vegies in, with just a path leading to the clothes line and main vegetable patch. As you can see, this small patch of grass gets quite unruly during the wetter months…

And, when the rest of the garden looks like this:

a ratty, overgrown field waiting to be mown, can be an embarrassment.

So, one new apricot tree; the black fig tree I got as a baby last year, and the lime tree that currently lives in a pot, will go in, and the weeds will be a thing of the past. I’ve started saving newspapers, and next week hope to get a load of mulch that I can use to prepare a permaculture-style garden. Then I’d better get on with some weeding, or we will never be able to plant the vegie patch again.

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Merry Christmas!

                                                                         Christmas lights 1

Christmas lights 2

After a stressful walk to the local letterbox in Station Street, on Friday, I decided to take the dogs around the block for a little extra recovery time, despite the fact that it was almost 10pm.

Imagine my delight when I walked around the corner and was greeted by this wonderful display of  decorations and lights!

Christmas lights 3

Admittedly, this particular neighbour always puts on a good display, but I don’t ever seem to go that way at night, and had no idea just how gorgeous it would be when lit up. Just seeing the effort that these people have put into their display helped to restore my equilibrium.

This post began life as a rant about the cause of my stressful trip to the letterbox, but I really feel that that would be pointless, and could spoil the feeling that these beautiful lights gave me, so – in the spirit of the season – I will forgive and forget.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and best wishes – whatever your beliefs. Have a happy and safe time with your friends and families.

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giant poppiesOn one of my daily walks with the dogs, earlier in the week, I came across this magnificent poppy growing through a woven-wire fence.

I have never seen such a large poppy (at least, I think that is what it is – the seed capsules and leaves look like it, but it seems more like a shrub, in habit, than I would have expected). I must introduce myself to the home owner one day, and ask!

Whatever it is, the bees love the flowers and swarmed all over them. I’ll admit, I lamented only having my phone camera with me, as macro shots were not possible. I would have loved to capture the bees with their chaps loaded with pollen, but it wasn’t to be. In the end, I was quite happy with the result above, but it did highlight something I’ve been worrying about over the past weeks – the lack of photography I’ve been doing with my ‘big’ camera – my much-loved Canon 10D, since I started this project.

In theory, I should be taking both my phone and my DSLR out with me. This would mean that I would be taking more pictures than usual rather than fewer. The reality is, though, that this has become all-consuming and I have been leaving my other camera at home far more often than I like.

The other thing I have come to realise, is how difficult it is to post daily… I find that, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get here every day, and so have been re-thinking the premise of this project.

So – an early New Year’s Resolution: I must take at least one photo daily with each camera! That way I will have more to contribute here, and won’t feel like I am neglecting my other projects! Will let you know if I am successful…

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There was a crooked house…

Crooked house

No posts for a few days, with no excuse other than life getting in the way…

The last assignment has been handed in for the year, so I’m free for a few months, but I’m thinking of trying my hand at something new – in terms of study, that is – for 2008.

There  is a photography course I’ve had my eye on for a little while, and I’m having an interview on Tuesday to see if they think my pictures are good enough, and if I show enough potential, to learn the business of photography. So, the next few days will be spent in preparing my folio for presentation, and in clearing away the papers that have accumulated on my desk throughout the term. It is satisfying to see a collection of photographs together, to see the range of work and the consistent style showing through.

The dogs are loving that I have the time for longer walks, although I have to remind myself that Cher’s leg is still just recovering from her knee injury back in August.

Yesterday, while walking around the back streets of Fairfield and Northcote, I found myself compelled to take this picture of a house I pass nearly every day. How I would love to restore it!

The angle shown in the picture is the true angle of the house (rather than it just having been poorly framed), so it would take an enormous amount of work to return it to its former glory, but it has such potential that I would really relish the task. Affording it would be another matter, of course, with the way house prices are around here! Oh well, I can dream…

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Fairfield station

fairfield railway station

Fairfield Railway Station

I’ve been searching the internet to try and find some historical information on Fairfield Railway Station, and the closest I can come is a photograph dated 1910, on the Darebin Historical Encyclopaedia: http://dhe.darebin-libraries.vic.gov.au/uploaded/images/lhrn1817.jpg .

Regardless, it makes an interesting subject for photography, no matter what type of camera you are using. General paranoia about people taking photographs of public buildings such as stations can lead to you getting some funny looks, though, as I discovered when I took this picture yesterday.

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