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Drizzle; Precipitation; Rain. Whatever you call it, boy is it welcome!

rain drops hang from the windchimes

It is finally raining !

After having had something in the order of 0.2mm of rain for the year to date (compared to our usual 77mm), and after the record temperatures and devastating fires of early February, today Melbourne is wet and cold.

It is delicious – cold enough to make you want to put on your favourite hoodie (I have), and run to the shop for a new umbrella (will do this later), and to feel happy sitting inside, drinking hot cups of tea.


The rain is refreshing everything –  giving the garden a welcome drink as well as washing the petals clean of the soot and dust of the past month. I heard a whisper, too, that the fire-services are hopeful that this cool, wet weather spells the end of the fire season for this year. We can only hope…

Our hearts go out to them, and to everyone who has been touched by the fires.


This brave little avocado tree –  a Christmas present to my husband that we planted on B0xing Day – is making a valiant effort to recover, having lost nearly all of its leaves during the heatwave, and having had to be protected by a portable beach shelter for the last three weeks.

You have to wonder, with the way that the drought is going, if it will ever really end. I heard someone from the Bureau of Meteorology speaking on the radio last week, and was depressed to hear him ask the same question. As he said, we are in un-charted territory: the drought has gone on twice as long as ever before; we’ve had the highest temperatures ever recorded and the lowest rainfall for this period since records began being kept. We can only wait and see, I guess…

Sorry about that; I didn’t mean to get depressing. To lighten the mood,  I have another couple of unrelated pictures to share with you.

These were taken at the Melbourne two weeks ago when we went to the zoo for a wander. By sheer luck, we were in time for a ‘keeper’s talk’ at the giraffe enclosure.


This giraffe (above), with the very long tongue and a taste for carrots, was born at Perth zoo, and was made famous by the photograph below (he was the little one):


Now he lives at Melbourne Zoo and has fathered a number of babies of his own.


This meerkat isn’t famous, as far as I know, but it was very cute as it stood sentry.

Stay safe and well – and if you are in Melbourne, enjoy the rain!

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In my garden

Here we are, November has come around again and the countdown to Christmas has begun.

Apologies for my extended absence. A couple of days away from the blog to work on assignments and book keeping tasks ended up taking five weeks!  Everything is finished for the year now, though, so I’m back in the saddle, and will do my best to post regularly.


While I was away, Spring came into full force, and the garden is looking magnificent. We have two nests in the trees in the back yard, one of which is at eye-height. I’ll hopefully be able to get a photo of mother and babies over the next couple of days to share with you.  Right now, they are so tiny that they don’t even make any sounds (they only hatched on Tuesday).


The vegie patch got planted, too, with three types of peas; golden nugget pumpkins (which already have fruit on them); butternut pumpkins (squash); capsicums; chillies; eggplants,  watermelon,  and, of course, tomatoes – lots of tomatoes.  Unfortunately, the silverbeet has gone to seed, so I”ll have to work out how best to replace it.


The rhubarb re-shot…


And the fruit trees are laden with so much fruit that it promises to be a bumper harvest. The plum tree, below, is in its third year of fruiting, and looks to have matured fully now. It has so many plums that it will look like a Christmas tree when they ripen. It looks like there might even be enough to make blood plum paste this year! Yay!


I’m so excited that the garden is doing so well, despite the on-going drought, and despite the fact that the only water it gets is from the washing machine or shower (or the rain, but we can’t really count on that, even though it is raining as I type). The fact that we have birds nesting in it, and other visitors like geckos, means that it is healthy, and that is good for everyone. The fact that it is still so productive despite the drought, is a miracle!

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Birthdays and other fun stuff

Kitchen garden

This might seem like an odd photo to accompany a post about Birthdays, but there is a connection, I assure you.

My birthday was on Saturday, and the plan was for Michael, Meg and I, and my brother and sister-in-law, to go to my parents’ house for dinner. It’s long been a tradition that one of the family will cook a meal of favourite dishes for the birthday person, and this year Beef Wellington was on the menu.

Unfortunately, Mum got sick with whatever nasty bug is going around, and went – in the space of five minutes – from being perfectly fine, to having to reach for a puffer because her asthma had kicked in and she had lost her voice. So, dinner was off.

The day was to start with our regular Tai Chi class (Meg and I have been going for more than two years now), and although we were feeling lazy and didn’t really want to go, we did. Or at least, we tried to – the freeway was blocked because of a very nasty accident, and I was unsure how to get to the venue via the back streets – all of which saw us driving past our local mega hardware store at around 9.30am, as we headed back home.

I was given birthday money by a favourite aunty, so Meg and I went into the attached nursery and bought various supplies for the vegetable-growing season. After a really enjoyable hour there, we headed home with a boot full of potting mix, seedlings, seeds and a new watering can, and I spent the afternoon in the garden – after we’d had taken lunch up to the invalid, of course.

I’m sorry that Mum wasn’t well, but I had a great time pottering about in the garden.  I don’t often get to do just as I please, but on Saturday I indulged myself, and I loved every minute of it.

So, the photo above is of the newly planted window boxes which sit right outside my kitchen window.  There are eight mini cos lettuces on the left; nine mignionette lettuces in the centre, and three different varieties of strawberry on the right.  I also planted 10 tomato plants and a punnet of silverbeet; repotted my lime tree; weeded the herb bed; pruned the perennial basil and planted a rhubarb crown. It was a very good day.

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