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Playing catch-up

Here I am playing catch-up again, with photos from a couple of days to post…
The first is a picture of the electrical sub-station just near my house. I thought it looked interesting with the sun behind it the other morning when I was out with the dogs, but it looks even more striking in B&W – becoming really graphic with the buildings silhouetted against the sky, and the clouds providing texture.

Drama in B&W - electricity substation silhouetted against the sky

I’m back into my routine now that school holidays are over, so there are bound to be lots more images of the city in coming weeks, but I’ll try to vary my walks during the breaks to keep them interesting!

I’ve picked up a new class this term – Writing for the Web – and it is really enjoyable.  Not only am I learning lots of interesting and useful things, but I get to keep a blog as part of my assessment! How cool is that?!

Graffiti in the DeGraves St underpass

Graffiti in the Degraves St underpass

One of the old telephone boxes in the underpass

One of the old telephone boxes in the underpass

On the Friday just gone, in an unfortunately vain attempt to obtain the new issue of the fabulous Mixtape, I ventured down to Sticky, in the Degraves St Underpass (the one that runs under Flinders Street from the station to Degraves Street).

I love the underpass – especially the pink tiles lining it, and the disused phone booths built into the walls. There are some really quirky shops, and a series of ever-changing, and often amazing, exhibitions held in the windows that line each side (I think I’ve mentioned these before) The current one is no exception. I can’t say I understand it, but it was arresting, to say the least. My favourite piece was Mr Happy (below).
First window in the current exhibition

First window in the current exhibition

Mr Happy as a weapon?

Mr Happy as a weapon?


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Street art and stationery

Words almost seem superfluous today, with all of these wonderful colours, so I’ll keep it brief.

Above, more street art, this time off Centre Place in the CBD. This amazing cat has unfortunately been covered in tags, posters and second and third layers of graffiti, but the talent of the artist is still evident.

In town again to drop off my last assignment for the term, I discovered that I’d left my wallet at home. Seeing I had two hours to kill before meeting Meg, and no money for shopping, I started wandering instead.

Half an hour in a prominent craft shop looking at books was followed by a trip to another equally prominent newsagent to look at magazines. A trip along Elizabeth Street saw me finally visiting Outre Gallery (I love the art of Shag – particularly Glorious Lifestyle), and then into another shop I’ve meant to visit for ages – Bookbinders Design.

The photos below are from there. This shop specialises in beautifully crafted journals, notebooks, photo albums and the like. If you’re like me and have a thing for stationery, you’d find this shop irresistible too. Just as well I’d forgotten my wallet…

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Random things

The ceiling near the cinemas

Here are a few random images I’ve taken over the last week or so. This first image is of the ceiling at Northland Shopping centre, in the open space at the foot of the escalators that lead up to the cinemas: an unexpectedly creative ceiling and one that is easy to miss. I mean, how often do you stand around at the shopping centre, gazing at the ceiling?!

This second image has appeared recently on the wall of an old garage in Fairfield, at the northern end of the shopping strip. I like the fact that whoever painted it, used a rectangular hole in the wall (made by a missing brick,  perhaps?) as the mouth.

Another fun bit of graffiti - this time in Fairfield.

This morning when I walked past, someone had put a stick in it, so that it looked like it was eating.

My next image is another one of the shot tower at Melbourne Central.

In black and white you can really concentrate on the strong lines and contrasts. This was taken coming up the escalator from the station.


Finally, a detail shot of the carved paving at Federation Square. When the light hits it at an angle you can see all the carving in great detail, providing yet another focal point to consider. The more time I spend there, the more I discover and the more I like.

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Art, not vandalism

More union lane graffiti

When family members from Adelaide visit us here in Melbourne, they often comment on the amount of graffiti around the city. Apparently Adelaide doesn’t have much, though I must say, I’ve never noticed its absence.

Their comments have caused me to look more carefully when I’m out and about, and I’ve got to say that there is graffiti, and then there is graffiti art.

Union Lane, which I’ve spoken about before, has some fabulous artworks, in as many styles as there were artists. I’ve put an example above, and another here:

 Union lane #2I must distinguish here between tagging and more intricate graffiti.  I’m not a big fan of tagging – it seems pointless and destructive – but tags are a far cry from the glorious, multicoloured creations seen all over Melbourne.  To me, lumping these works in with tags, under the heading of graffiti, is wrong on many levels.

As with any art, what appeals to the viewer of a piece of graffiti art is subjective, and very much reflects personal tastes. Regardless of whether or not a piece appeals to me, though, the skills displayed  by these artists, astound me. I am absolutely amazed by the intricacy of the designs that graffiti artists can produce with spray cans.

The photo below is of a building in Collingwood, around the corner from where I used to work. I don’t remember when this particular artwork first appeared, but I do know that I find it very hard to drive or walk past without stopping to look.

 31012008001-copy.jpgThis type of art isn’t to everyone’s taste, but all I can say is that I would take Melbourne’s ‘graffiti’ over another city’s pristine sterility, any day.


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In no particular order…

Say Cheese  

In Union Lane, just off the Bourke Street Mall, an amazing array of graffiti art colours every surface.


Graffiti 1

I’ve put a couple of examples here, in no particular order.  The artists and the organisers of the project should be very proud of the result (City of Melbourne? -I must get back and check it out…).  It is an amazing sight, although I must have walked past it dozens of times without noticing before. Obviously I’ve been too focused on my destination, and haven’t been looking around enough.

 sleeping man

This painting of a man sleeping on a bench was my favourite – it was so believable. The milk crate in front lent it depth, but the painting itself is incredible.


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