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The colour of envy

Green motorbike #1

 I’ve never been one to ride motorbikes, but I think some of the older ones are just beautiful, with their mixture of glossy paint and chrome, and their smooth curves.

I would have liked to spend more time photographing this bike, and actually had my DSLR with me, but the rain wouldn’t let up and I didn’t want to risk getting it wet. Yet another advantage of phone cameras – they are so compact, and so quick to use, that the rain wasn’t even an issue with it!

As it was, I couldn’t spot the owner anywhere, and felt it would have been appropriate to speak with him/her before taking a more elaborate ‘portrait’ of this beauty (if only to be able to share the image with them). So – armed with my trusty phone camera – I settled for taking a couple of quick shots for this blog.

The limitations of this type of camera are obvious, too, in these shots: the highlights are blown, and with no way to alter depth of field,  selective focus was out of the question. However, careful compostion has produced two quite passable images, despite these limitations. Of course, the rain helped, too, by making the colours so much more vivid than they would have been in dry weather!

Green motorbike #2

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