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Hare Krishna devotees

 A trip to town on Tuesday for a dental consultation, saw me minus one molar and with my bank account $450 lighter, but still needing to do some shopping for Meg’s Birthday.

I took advantage of the fact that I was in the city but moving slowly, and took a couple of shots that I’ve been meaning to take for a while – the ubiquitous ‘Giant Pocketwatch’ and ‘Shot Tower’ images.  A troupe of dancing Hare Krisha devotees (above), that was passing as I came down the escalator from one of the arcades off the Bourke St Mall, provided a colourful bonus.

Actually, the Hare Krishnas were particularly interesting to look at this time because of the piano accordian (I’ve never seen one of those being used by them before), and the belt amp and head-set being used by the (apparent) leader – shown back left, in the pale saffron-coloured robe and hood.

The angle of the shot shows the movement exactly as it was – I pulled my phone from my pocket, turned on the camera and snapped the picture as I came down the escalator. I didn’t want to take a chance on missing the shot, or be too obvious about it, so I ‘shot from the hip’, so to speak. I quite like the result, even though it is not a perfect image by any means.

 The Shot TowerAs for the Shot Tower image – it was remarkably simple to capture, especially considering how tricky exposure can be when shooting up towards the sky. Rather than having to take multiple images, or mess around with it in Photoshop, I found that the first shot was exactly what I wanted. Sometimes simple cameras can give the most surprising results.

  The Giant Pocketwatch



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