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One less baby bird

I’m sad to say that I found a very tiny bird dead in the garden this morning. We had a severe storm last night that might have been the cause, but I don’t know how it got to where it was, as I found it about ten metres away from both of the nests I mentioned yesterday.

Nectarine blossom on bare branches, with a blue sky behind it.

There was a tense wait to be sure that the baby blackbirds were okay, because a rain storm hit just before we left this morning and we couldn’t check them out until we got home from school and work. I was so pleased to see that they were both there, and both looking really healthy.

I’ve got a soft spot for the blackbird family because they built their nest so trustingly low; I’ve loved watching the mother incubate the eggs over the last couple of weeks, and now get a real thrill from both parents swooping around the garden looking for food and calling to each other and the babies. I’ve even taken to leaving the lid off one of the compost bins for a couple of hours during the day, to allow them to forage…

So, it wasn’t a blackbird – or at least, not one of my blackbirds – and didn’t look like a dove (the occupants of the second nest), although the baby was so small, it was impossible to be sure what breed it was. Perhaps there is a third nest I don’t know about…

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