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There was a crooked house…

Crooked house

No posts for a few days, with no excuse other than life getting in the way…

The last assignment has been handed in for the year, so I’m free for a few months, but I’m thinking of trying my hand at something new – in terms of study, that is – for 2008.

There  is a photography course I’ve had my eye on for a little while, and I’m having an interview on Tuesday to see if they think my pictures are good enough, and if I show enough potential, to learn the business of photography. So, the next few days will be spent in preparing my folio for presentation, and in clearing away the papers that have accumulated on my desk throughout the term. It is satisfying to see a collection of photographs together, to see the range of work and the consistent style showing through.

The dogs are loving that I have the time for longer walks, although I have to remind myself that Cher’s leg is still just recovering from her knee injury back in August.

Yesterday, while walking around the back streets of Fairfield and Northcote, I found myself compelled to take this picture of a house I pass nearly every day. How I would love to restore it!

The angle shown in the picture is the true angle of the house (rather than it just having been poorly framed), so it would take an enormous amount of work to return it to its former glory, but it has such potential that I would really relish the task. Affording it would be another matter, of course, with the way house prices are around here! Oh well, I can dream…

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