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The best news…


My Dad received the best news of all today: that the surgeons were able to remove the whole of the melanoma on his back. At this stage, only three-monthly check-ups are required; no chemotheraphy, no radiotherapy, and no more surgery. To say we’re happy would be an understatement of epic proportions.

Over the last twelve years, Dad has had cause to get to know the staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and they have been amazing. I know people are quick to bag the public health system, but I cannot speak highly enough of the care they have given Dad, and the consideration they have shown to the rest of us. I hope they realise how highly we regard what they do.

So, what photo to commemorate today? Not a phone pic, I’m afraid – despite this going against the premise of the blog. No, this photo is of Dad and the Rolling Ball machine he made and recently sold to a museum in Korea. Now that he’s been given the all-clear he is going to make another one. If you ‘d like to see it in action, you can see it here.

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