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Sweet success!

Months ago, I entered a number of competitions in the Royal Melbourne Show, mostly as a way to give myself deadlines on a couple of projects, but also – in the case of the cookery competition – because everybody who eats the bread I make is VERY complimentary about it, so I thought I would see how it stacked up against other people’s.

Out of the blue, we were very kindly given a weekend in the snow at Falls Creek by some friends, and it happened to coincide with the day for delivering food entries to the showgrounds for judging, so I had decided that I would just forfeit my entry fees and have another go next year.  Until we had to cancel at the last minute, that is.

Meg was sick with bronchitis – and I mean really sick  – so I was up most of Friday night with her. Seeing I was up, I decided to make my bread after all.


I made two batches and ended up with a couple of loaves I was really happy with, so I took them over and dropped them off at about 10 in the morning, just for the hell of it. I certainly had no expectation of winning anything…

Last Thursday, the day the Show opened, I hopped onto the website to look at competition results, and was absolutely stoked to see that I had won second prize! I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s now become a running family joke that I am an ‘award winning’ bread maker.

I’ll admit, too, that my first thought after Oh my god, I’ve won second prize! was What do I have to do to win first?  I guess I’ll be practicing a lot more during the year!


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Royal Melbourne Show

Alpacas at the Show

It’s Show time again, and Michael, Meg and I spent about 5 hours wandering around on Sunday morning, looking at the crafts and animals, including a firm favourite – the alpacas.

At least, they had been our favourites, with their liquid-chocolate eyes and lashes long enough to put a drag-queen to shame, until today.

Today we totally fell in love with the goats. 

 I know it sounds silly, but alpacas can be very stand-offish – almost haughty – and although we’ve been inclined to forgive them in the past because they look so beautiful, today they were swept from their pedestal by the very warm and affectionate Boer goats.  These goats were actively seeking attention from show visitors, and won our hearts by revelling in having their ears scratched.  Apart from the sideways-cat eyes, they reminded me so much of dogs that it was almost comical.

Every year I come away from the show wishing that I had enough land to get chooks and ducks and a ruminant or two to keep the grass down and the neighbourhood kids entertained, and this year was no exception.  There are miniature goats – I wonder how they would get along with poodles…

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