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Blogiversary and other stuff.

Birthday cupcake with one candle 

Well, here we are at last! Blogday is one year old, and the original project that I set myself has come to an end.

Thank you to every one who let me know that they enjoy reading my posts and looking at my photos (I had emails, texts and comments on my class blog, as well as some comments here). I was really thrilled to get such support.

So Blogday is going to continue, but I’m going to break away from taking photos just with my phone (handy as it is) and post pictures from whichever camera I use. I’m going to concentrate on sharing more recipes, seeing as that gives me a chance to combine two of the things I love, and gives me an excuse for making lots of my favourite recipes, just so I can photograph them!


Right now, though, I need to tell you how excited I am about the arrival of Spring … the garden is full of blossom and bees, and there is the promise of a bumper harvest of nectarines, plums and apricots. Even my little fig tree, bought as a cutting two years ago, has set four figs. I’ll be nursing it along until they ripen to be sure that no one but me gets them (no birds or bugs, that is – I’ll share with the family!)

I’m off now to work in the garden, as there is a vegie patch that needs to be weeded so that I can get my tomato plants in next weekend, and then tonight we are off to see Bill Bailey!

I can’t wait – we’ve had the tickets for months and we’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching lots of his stuff on Youtube and re-watching Black Books a million times, getting ourselves in the mood. I won’t make the same mistake I did with Michael Buble – tonight I am taking a camera that should be able to cope with the lighting conditions a little better (Meg’s), so hopefully I’ll have some photos to share in the next couple of days. I did toy with the idea of taking my DSLR, but I don’t want to take pictures to the exclusion of watching the show, so I think I should probably leave it home.

Here is a little treat to finish the post – Bill Bailey as Manny in the Black Books episode called The Entertainer. If you’ve never seen it, have a look – if you have, watch it again; either way, you’ll be dazzled by his talent.

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Spring is definitely here…

Plum blossom

I always know when Spring is really here, because I can’t stay out of the garden.  Pruning, weeding, turning out the compost bins – all of these happened on Sunday, and the garden looks so much better for it that it is really satisfying. 

While doing all of this, I was sad to note only one worm in two compost bins!  Usually at this time of the year there would be hundreds of them in each bin.  I don’t know why it is, but I will try to find out before introducing any more to the bins, in case the compost is too acidic for them.

Next on the agenda is getting all of the vegie seeds planted.  I’ve decided to dedicate a lot more space to growing vegetables this year. Not only because they taste so much better than cool-stored ones, or because I can grow them organically, but also because I think we need to go back to eating what is in season and homegrown or available locally.  Living in the city, it is hard to source directly from growers, so if I grow what I can myself, it will mean that there is less for me to have to find.  I’m going to look at bartering with a couple of friends who are doing the same thing, to add variety.

By the look of the fruit trees, and the number of bees visiting them, we should at least have a bumper stone-fruit crop this year, if we don’t get any hail early in the next couple of months, that is.


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