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Adelaide or bust

The weekend saw us traipsing back to Adelaide again, though this time up the Calder Highway to Ouyen, and then down through Lameroo and Pineroo.

Meg on a ponyThis is Meg having a break from the car. Even in 40 deg heat, the park was more appealing!

We left Melbourne late – around 8.30am – and it was raining very lightly when we did, in sharp contrast to the day before, and to what was to follow both at home and in Adelaide. While we were there, I believe a record was broken for the most consecutive days over 35 degrees (Celsius), though I don’t know whether that was for EVER, or for the last however-many years.

Bonython Hall #1          Bonython Hall #2          Bonython Hall #3     Three faces of Bonython Hall.

Both the Adelaide Festival and WOMAD were on last weekend, which prompted a trip in to town for the family on Saturday night to see the light-scape known as the Northern Lights, which had been set up on North Terrace.

The lights were fantastic – we spent much of the night discussing how they would have created the artwork that was projected onto each of the buildings. Whether it was mapped using 3d modelling software, or based on photographs, it was absolutely amazing to see the way the buildings were transformed. By my count, there were up to 8 slides per building, with my favourites being the sketched overlay of Elder Hall (below); the fossils on the Museum and the books on the State Library.

Elder Hall #1Elder Hall.

Although WOMAD was on, we weren’t near the Botanical Gardens, and so hadn’t expected to hear any music but were delighted to catch more than half an hour of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings as we walked along the Torrens back to where we had parked our cars. I hadn’t heard of them before, but loved them, and my 15-year-old nephew, Josh, told me who they were. He even played me one of their CDs when we got home, and now I’m sold…

These were highlights which made this particular trip really memorable (apart from seeing all the family). Even though the roads are good, the drive between Melbourne and Adelaide can be arduous with at least eight hours on the road each way. Doing the trip twice in four days is a bit of a stretch (particularly when every night there is spent staying up late and socialising), so having this unexpected fun was a bonus.  Still, I’m glad we won’t be doing it again for a while. Maybe I should start saving for airfares now, so that we can fly next time…

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